Healing is an ongoing journey...

What's the next chapter in your healing and growth?

At some point in my healing journey, I heard someone say, "You don't graduate from personal development and growth," and it's SO true!


Growth and healing is a life-long journey. As we continue to evolve and transform, we gather and learn new tools and techniques and we meet new teachers and guides.


I've been blessed with amazing opportunities to work with and learn from many healers, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and coaches...they've helped me unlock so much that was hidden inside of me, allowing me to process and let it go.


And it turns out that as you heal and come to the realization that you are a divine being, you begin living the life of your dreams...manifestation becomes a positive side effect!


I would love to share with you what I've learned and to be one of your guides on your personal healing journey.

Healing Opportunites

Wheels That Heal
Holistic Healing Through Your Chakras

Our Chakras play a major role in our day-to-day lives - they affect our habits, our bodies, our emotions, and more...down to our core beliefs. It's not just some woowoo nonsense that you hear yoga teachers talk about.


The Chakra System is a template for transformation. We can use it to heal and transform our limiting beliefs, our habits, our health...so much! It's a truly powerful energetic system.


In Wheels That Heal, you will:

  • Learn about the chakras and how they show up in your daily life
  • Discover how the chakras reflect in your health, habits, and relationships
  • Uncover, understand, and release your limiting beliefs through guided processes
  • Connect with, balance, and align your chakras for transformational healing
  • And more...

All to empower you to heal and release any blocks hidden deep within...to connect with your divine self...to live the life of freedom and happiness that you so deserve.


Plus, you'll have the added benefit of community. You’ll come together with me and no more than 6 others for a group experience, which offers a sacred space for connection with like-minded people and the comfort of knowing that you are not alone. 


In this 12-week healing program, you will get:

  • 8 virtual sessions to journey through the chakra system

  • 4 one-on-one "open" virtual sessions (in-person available if you're in San Diego)

  • Tools and processes to understand, connect with, and heal your chakras

  • Pre-recorded guided meditations

  • Pre-recorded yoga sessions

  • And more

You can take this journey one-on-one with Mel, or in a group setting. Sign up for a clarity call to discuss your goals and specific situation, and decide what the best option is for you.

Chakra Reading & Balancing Session

A chakra is a spinning center of energy in the body. There are 7 main chakras located along the spine, from the top of the head to your tailbone.


When our chakras are balanced, energy easily flows through them. When we have unprocessed energy or emotions, however, our chakras can become unbalanced or even blocked - which will manifest emotionally, physically, or both, keeping you stuck and struggling in some areas of your life.


By re-balancing your chakras, you can:

  • Release blocked emotional or physical energy 

  • Break through negative patterns and cycles

  • Feel more grounded, more at peace, and more aligned

Want to know if your chakras are balanced and how to balance those that need a little love?


During this 1-hour session, we'll check in with your 7 main chakras and hone in on the one that could use  some extra attention. We'll discuss simple ways that you can balance and heal that chakra and you'll walk away with easy tools and techniques to implement on your own.


Schedule your live, virtual session today.

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