Hi! I'm Melissa Shuton and I'm so happy you're here!

I’m a transformational life coach, yoga therapist-in training, and reiki healer and I love helping people live happier, healthier lives.


I empower women to heal and transform, to manifest all that they want in life, and to love themselves and their lives through chakra work, yoga (postures, breathwork, and meditation), and the law of attraction. And it all began in 2015…

I was working for myself as a freelance marketing manager and a health coach, struggling to get back to the income I was earning back in my full-time corporate days. And I was determined not to work for someone else again.


One day, I was proofreading the slides for a client’s webinar and was so intrigued by the topic - the Law of Attraction. In the webinar, she shared an abundance technique that seemed simple enough, so I tried it.


Within a month, I manifested two new marketing clients - and I wasn’t even looking for them! All of a sudden, I was back to my corporate salary (and would soon blow past it!).

During this time, I also manifested a partial scholarship for my yoga teacher training at my favorite studio with a few of my favorite teachers. This too, seemed to come out of nowhere! The trick? Focus on what you want. In this case, I wanted a community of like-minded people, and yoga teacher training was the way the Universe answered this request. 


I was open to and grateful for opportunities, and they just kept coming!


I was blown away by what could happen with the Law of Attraction and was eager to share it, so I started my journey to become a coach...learning more and more about the 7 essential, universal laws (starting with the Law of Attraction).


I noticed that there was a correlation between the 7 laws and our 7 main chakras...and quickly realized that through connecting with and healing our chakras, manifestation is a welcomed side effect!


So I combine my love and knowledge of yoga, the 7 universal laws, and energy work to help women reach their life goals, such as improved emotional, physical, and mental health, personal relationships, and career satisfaction and clarity, just to name a few.


I’m all about the woo woo and am proud to be! And I think we should use as many growth and healing modalities that we’re called to…and I’m thrilled to be able to combine a few, to help women heal past traumas and release stuck energy, and manifest what they desire in life.

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